This week in Reading…

* Bury our text anxiety

* Review test strategies

* Celebrate the end of STAAR (watch a movie)

HW: 1) Hero’s Journey Project due date CHANGED to 5/5 (download available from website)


Looking Forward to 7th Grade Charger Chat

Check out our presentation from our Spring Charger Chat.  If you have any questions after reading the information, please feel free to contact Mr. Bancroft.

6C Charger Chat_Looking Forward to 7th Grade

This Week in Science ! ( April 21 – 25, 2014 )


1. Microscope

  • Types of microscope
  • Parts and function(s)

2. Cells:

  • The Cell Theory
  • Prokaryotic  and Eukaryotic


Math Pre-Ap/GT/Regular April 11, 2014

Notes to Parents and Students:

SURVEY PROJECT:  was due today.  6th period project is due on Tuesday, April 15.

Objectives for Week 14-18:   Find and interpret the probability of a simple event; sketch and analyze circle graphs, construct sample spaces using tree diagrams or lists. 

Test:  Review on ALL objectives.

Tutorials:  Last day for tutorials:  Tuesday, April 15.

Saturday tutorials:  Last day will be April 12.  a.m.  We will have a “celebration” at 11:30 a.m.

MATH STAAR TEST:Tuesday, April 22.

ALGEBRA APTITUDE TEST will be on Monday/Tuesday, April 28-29.

Stay focused on learning!!!  


This week in Reading…

This week in Reading we will:

* work in small groups to rotate through four stations:

  1.  Identifying the Hero’s Journey in “Adventure Time”
  2.  The Hero’s Journey in “Where the Wild Things Are”
  3.  Nonfiction practice: Christopher Reeve, a real-life hero
  4.  Write your own hero’s journey using the wordless picture book “Journey” as inspiration

HW: 1)Reading Log due 4/18

2) Hero’s Journey Project due date CHANGED to 5/5 (download available from website)


This Week in Science ! ( April 14 – 18, 2014 )



  1. Space Science – Equipment and space travel
  2. Cells :
  • The Cell Theory
  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic


  1. Checkpoint questions, Science Explorer, chapter 4. Due Date : 4/16; 4/17/2014.
  2. Guided Reading Workbook, pages  41 – 48. Due Date : 4/18/2014.


Earth and Space – Use your lab book, Science Explorer chapter 10, 11, and 16, graded papers( homework, test, quiz, Do Now etc.) to review and study for the test.

Date; 4/18/14

In English

I have good news.  Your children have progressed to the point that they can discuss the mistakes in the warm ups using the language of our language.  They understand why commas belong in particular places, where and when to use quote marks, and are thoroughly familiar with the rules of capitalization.

 That being said, I am still reviewing capitalization and punctuation with the students next week. The difference is that now they will see it in test format to help them prepare for Stanford.

 We are starting our unit on poetry.  By the end of this week, everyone should have set up part of their table of contents for the last six weeks, and should have completed entries one and two.  Next week we will practice marking rhyme scheme, use the poetry terms to discuss poetry, and write haiku, lunes, tankas, cinquains and Fibonacci poems.

 By the end of next week, your student should have the following entries in his/her writer’s notebook:

1. Rhyme Scheme

2. Rhetorical Terms and Examples

3. Poetry Terminology and types of Poems

4. Haiku/Lune/Tanka

5. Cinquain

6. Fibonacci

 They should use the poems they write in their notebook to complete their poetry project.  I will post more information on this project next week.



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