This week in Reading…

This week in Reading we will:

*read “The Cage” by Martin Raim

*learn and practice active reading sticky note routines

*complete I-station assessment

 HW: I will collect the bookmarks we started in class on Tuesday/Thursday.  Students received their September reading log and should be reading at least 30 minutes per day.

This Week in Science ! ( September 2, 2014 )

We will focus on the following topics:

1. Science safety and equipment.

2. Measurements in Science.

  • Mass, Volume, length, and temperature

3. Metric Conversions

4. Safety/Equipment test – Date: 9/4; 9/5, 2014


1. LAB MANUAL – Read pages LFP2 – LFP9 . Draw the equipment in the appropriate column in your laboratory note book. DUE DATE: 9/2;9/3, 2014.

2. Study for safety and equipment test. Date: 9/4; 9/5, 2014.

Math Pre-AP August 28, 2014



Notes to Parents and Students:

I hope everybody is having a great first week of school!

Objectives to be covered next week:

*Classify whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers

*Identify a number, its opposite and its opposite value

*Locate, compare, and order integers and rational numbers using a number line.

Homework will be assigned daily and it is due next class period (unless otherwise is specified).  Homework will NOT be posted on the BLOG.  Students are responsible for writing their homework on their planners.

Vocabulary for Module 1-2:  equal, greater than, less than, negative sign, number line, plus sign, symbol, whole number, absolute value, inequality, integers, negative numbers, opposites, positive numbers, decimal, dividend, divisor, fraction, rational number, Venn diagram.

TEST on multiplication and division facts will be on September 4-5, 2014.  Each part will be 50 facts in 4 minutes.

Tutorials:  every Thursday from 3:40 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.

Stay focused on learning!  :-)

hernandsyllabus-2014 modified  Please open the previous link to have access to Math 6th grade Syllabus.  :-)


Reading Syllabus

Parents and students: review the Reading syllabus at home and complete the quiz on the last page.  

You can download a copy here:  Reading Syllabus

Using the Accordion File…

Hello 6C,

6th grade students have been asked to purchase a 13-pocket accordion file (as seen here) to help them get and stay organized this year.  The accordion file, unlike binders, fit easily into lockers, don’t require items to be hole-punched, and results in fewer lost papers.  We will be setting up the accordion file during Team Time today and checking on its organization throughout the year. Parents can support this effort by:

  • check to make sure the file is set up properly (one tab for each core class, one for foreign language, and one for the planner)
  • spot-check to see if papers are filed correctly throughout the year
  • help students weed out old papers 

First Day Packets

Last night your child brought home a folder stuffed with information and forms for you to fill out.  The forms are very important to us, and we need to collect those as soon as possible.

This year I will be picking up the materials from the first day packets.  Here is a list of the forms we wish to have filled out and brought back:

 Lunch Application If you do not qualify, please sign across the front and return.

  • Enrollment Card
  • Student Assistance Questionnaire
  • Military Connected Families Survey
  • Family Survey
  • Media Release
  • Ethnicity Questionnaire
  • Code of Conduct page 29
  • Student Pick Up Approval (if needed)

 If you wish to join the PTO, please take your application and money to the front office.

 Thank you,

 Carolyn Geraci


In English this week

Welcome back to school!

Your child should give you a letter from me about my class. This week and next we will work on getting to know the classroom procedures, reviewing writing skills, taking a couple of diagnostic tests, and beginning our personal narrative. There is nothing to sign and return, but if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

Your child should have read a book during the summer and written two response essays based on the ideas in that book. The assignment is still posted on the Pin Oak website at I would like to have these by September 2. These essays will be used in revision and editing exercises to help the students gain these skills. They will become a part of each student’s personal writing portfolio.


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