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MATH PRE-AP/GT December 18, 2014

Notes to students and parents:


Holiday Homework 2014

This Week in Science ( January 5, 2015 )

Welcome Back  !


1. Force and Motion – Overview

2. Distance and Displacement

3. Speed and Average Speed.


1. Read through your lab book, and review all topics covered in the fall semester.

2. I Science – Read pages 161 – 184. Due Date : 01/12; 01/13, 2015.

3. Brain pop –  Review : Due Date – 01/09/2015.

  • Property Change
  • Measuring matter

This week in Reading…

Mr. Bancroft will be out Thursday, December 18 and Friday, December 19.  All Book Club Tasks will be collected by the substitute on Friday. 

This week in Reading we will:

*Bubble in answers from take home test (Monday/Tuesday)

*Finish  individual and group Book Club tasks


*Cycle 3 take home test due M/T

*Finish Individual Book Club Tasks due Friday, December 19

*December Reading Log due January 6

*Reading Response 7 due January 16

MATH PRE-AP/GT December 11, 2014

To Parents and Students:

Next week we will continue working on Unit 3.  We will be covering “Understanding Percent”.  Students will have to convert fractions into decimals and percents, percents into decimals and fractions, and decimals into fractions and percent.

*Make up for 3rd Cycle Math Common Assessment will be on MONDAY,  December 15,  during 2nd lunch or during student’s lunch time EXCLUSIVELY!  No other time will be available. Only students scoring less than 80% will be able to complete the make up test.  It will be required to complete ANALYSIS OF MISTAKES to take the make up test.  No Analysis of Mistakes = No make up test. 

MISSING WORK:  If your child has any missing assignment, it MUST be turned in by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16!!!!!  Missing work will NOT be accepted after Tuesday, December 16!!!!!!

Tutorials on Thursdays after school from 3:35 to 4:10 p.m.  Parents, please make sure your child has a safe ride back home by 4:10 p.m. 

Stay focused on learning!  :-)



This Week in Science ( December 15 – 19, 2014 )

We will  review all topics covered in the first semester and also complete a Gizmo activity on Energy Conservation.


1. Brainpop Activity –  Due Date : 12/17; 12/18, 2014.

  • Potential Energy
  • Forms of Energy

2. Test Analysis for Common Assessment 3. Due Date : 12/17; 12/18, 2014.


Brainpop Activity:

  • Energy sources
  • Solar Energy
  • Compounds and Mixtures
  • Periodic Table of Elements.

To Access Brainpop, use the information below:

UN – hisdpinoakms

PW – hisd

Have A Wonderful Holiday ! See you in 2015 !

Demography test Friday Dec.12

Economics and Demography Test Review


Be able to define and use/apply the following economic and demography terms:

  1. Economics
  2. Good
  3. Service
  4. Consumer
  5. Producer
  6. Supply
  7. Demand
  8. Natural resource
  9. Human resource
  10. Capital
  11. Command economy
  12. Capitalist/free market/ free enterprise economy/free enterprise capitalism
  13. Mixed economy
  14. Social welfare economy
  15. Corporation
  16. Externality
  17. Market place
  18. Informal economy
  19. Subsistence agriculture/farming
  20. Traditional economy
  21. Demography
  22. Census
  23. Data
  24. Statistics
  25. Birth rate
  26. Death rate
  27. Infant Mortality rate
  28. Fertility rate
  29. Life expectancy
  30. Literacy rate
  31. Per Capita Income
  32. Gross Domestic Product

Math Pre-AP/GT December 5, 2014


Next week we will:

*Review for Ratio/Rate/Unit Rate/Proportion test

*Take-home test on Ratio/Rate/Unit Rate/Proportion (Sent home on Friday, December 5.  It is due on December 8-9.)

*Cycle 3 Math Common Assessment Test = December 10-11.

*Vocabulary words Unit 3 are due on Monday/Tuesday, December 8-9

*Make up for C.A. Math test:  Monday/Tuesday, December 15-16 during 2nd lunch.

Homework due on Monday/Tuesday:  December 8-9:  For all class periods:

TAKE-HOME TEST:  Students must complete calculations for every problem.  No calculations = No grade.  This assignment will be entered as a test grade.  It was sent home, today, Friday, December 5.

VOCABULARY WORDS:  ratio, rate, unit rate, proportion, equivalent ratios, conversion, factors, factor of change, decimal point, fraction, decimal, simplest form, equivalent fractions, area, quotient, quantity, prediction.  Format was sent home during the week of November 17-18.  Every definition must include definition, symbol/example, sentence.

Tutorials:  Thursdays from 3:35 to 4:10 p.m.  Students must be picked up on time:   at 4:10 p.m.




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