This Week in Science !( May 16, 2016)


The students will be taking the second part of the district required test( Appraiser Approved Assessment). They should continue to study and read through their lab books and other science  resources including  graded papers ( homework, test, quiz).

We will also work on our reflection folders.

Reading Raffle- Gift Cards due NEXT WEEK!

If you have not already done so and would like to donate a gift card of your choice to the cluster reading raffle, please use the link below to sign up! There are still a few spots left!  

All gift cards are due to Ms. Hill by Wednesday, May 18th so our raffle can begin on Thursday. 

Reading Reminders- End of the Year!

Happy Wednesday!

As a reminder, all May reading logs are due on Friday, May 13th; students will receive the rubric and directions for their final reading project today and tomorrow. Students will complete this entire project in class but MUST have their May reading logs in order to do so.

Next week all students will take their end of the year assessment for Reading, this will take place on days in which students have reading for an extended period:

  • Monday- 1st and 3rd (short 5th and 7th) 
  • Tuesday- 2nd and 4th (short 6th and 8th)
  • Wednesday- 5th and 7th (short 1st and 3rd) 
  • Thursday- 6th and 8th (short 2nd and 4th)
  • Friday- Charger day, students will see all teachers

All books that have been checked out of my classroom (most of them are labeled C103 or BANCROFT) MUST be returned by Wednesday May 18th. We are missing quite a few from our classroom library and all books need to be counted, boxed and stored before the end of the year. 

Reading Updates and Reminders for the Week (May 9th)

Happy Friday!

6C Newsletter 5-9-16

Attached you will find the newsletter for our cluster for the week of May 9th-13th. Please be advised that students will be in “Testing Mode” Monday-Thursday, and will be assigned a specific classroom to report to each morning. Students will be given this classroom assignment on Monday morning (check posters in halls, ask teachers in the morning, etc. if you are not sure where to go!)

Monday- 6th Grade MATH STAAR + extended team time

Tuesday- 6th Grade Reading STAAR + extended team time

Wednesday- 6th Grade ELA and Science District Tests (Students will have 2 hours per test) + extended team time

Thursday- 6th Grade Math and Social Studies District Tests (Students will have 2 hours per test) + extended team time

Friday- Charger Day (May Reading Logs Due!)

Everyone has been working extremely hard all year and is more than prepared for each of the assessments that will take place next week. Continue reviewing notes and studying throughout the weekend (but take time to relax and enjoy some free time, too!) Remember to get plenty of sleep the night before each test, and don’t forget to eat breakfast before arriving to school each day! Your 6C teachers are confident that you will do well on each test next week! Good luck!

(Remember that you are all “oFISHally” ready to crush the STAAR– use your treat tag from Reading for motivation if you need it!)

oFISHally ready for STAAR

This Week in Science! (May 9, 2016 )

We will continue with our lesson on Ecosystems.

HOMEWORK: Study! Study ! Study! ( Read through your lab books, and graded papers etc. – No Written homework !)

District Science Assessment – May 11, 2016.

This Week in Science! ( May 2, 2016 )


  1. Classification of Organisms
  2. Ecosystems


  1. Ecosystems –  ( Biotic  and  Abiotic ): Due Date: 5/2; 5/3, 2016
  2. Continue to read through your lab book(s). District’s test is the week of May 9, 2016, please study ! 
  3. Test: Organisms and the Environment ( Cells, Classification of organisms, and Ecosystems) – Date: 5/4; 5/6, 2016
  4. Remember to bring ALL your lab books to class everyday starting from Wednesday, May 4, 2016 please !

End of the Year Reading Log Raffle

We are very close to the end of the year reading log raffle. As with the fall semester, if you are interested in donating a gift card to the 6C Reading Log Raffle, please select a slot on the sign up below:raffle 


Feel free to direct any questions to Ms. Hill at

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