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Click the link to your class Padlet to turn in your Haiku Summary and MeMovie.  Check out other peoples’ posts while you’re there!

Period 2 Padlet

Period 4 Padlet

Period 5 Padlet

Period 7 Padlet

Period 8 Padlet

Vocabulary . com

Parents, I am experimenting with a new web tool to help your child learn vocabulary – Vocabulary.com.

I have set up an educator’s account, and I am ready to accept your child into his/her class to practice.  To join, click on my profile link here:  http://www.vocabulary.com/profiles/A0GSSJY5GXYWHM  .

At my profile, click on the correct class link and you will be instructed to create an account.  You can find lists of words you want your child to study.  I suggest starting with these:

Easily confused words – http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/551148

And – http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/346263

Commonly Confused Words – http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/234413

And – http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/194392/practice

Caught Between Words? – http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/388207

These lists will help your child study for words which often show up on tests that are easily confused with other words.  Joining is not mandatory and work will not be graded.  I am trying to assess the website for future use while giving your child another learning tool.

You can also check out which lists I am studying.  Never stop learning.

Verb Games Online

Need extra practice choosing the correct verb?  Try one of these online games.

Cats – http://english-zone.com/verbs/sub-verbs.html

Subject/Verb Agreement – http://english-zone.com/members/verbs/agreement01.html

There is/There are – http://english-zone.com/members/verbs/thereisare2.html

More Subject/Verb Agreement – http://english-zone.com/members/grammar/subjverb.html

This week in Reading…

This week in Reading we will:

*Make a “MeMovie” multimedia presentation over a poem from “Locomotion”

*February Reading Log due date extended until M/T


*Book Club selections will close on Sunday.  Be sure to make your choice on the 6C Website!

*March Reading Log due 3/30 (B) or 3/31 (G)

*Response 9 due March 6 (C)

This Week in Science! ( March 2, 2015)


1. Earth’s Layers

2. Minerals

3. Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle


1. I Science- Read pages 304 – 345 and answer all the questions. Due Date : 3/6/2015.

2. Complete Earth’s System Project if you did not complete it in class.

3. Continue to work on your vocabulary activity

Math Pre-AP/GT February 20, 2015

To Parents and Students:

Objectives for the week:

Unit 4-Module 12, Lessons 12.1-12.3:  Writing Equations; Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing equations.

Always expect at least one quiz per week.

HOMEWORK:  Due on Monday/Tuesday, February 23-24.  Click on the following link if you have misplaced your copy.

Review Properties, Exponents, Percent and Equivalent Expressions

Regular Tutorials:  Wednesdays, 3:35 to 4:05 p.m.

STAAR Tutorials:  Thursdays, 3:35 to 5:30 p.m.  If there is any problem with this schedule, please let me know.

Stay focused on learning!  :-)

This Week in Science ( February 23, 2015 )


1. Human Machines:

  • The Joint
  • The Arm
  • The Ball of our foot

2. Structural Layers of the Earth:

  • Crust
  • Mantle
  • Core
  • Asthenosphere
  • Lithosphere

3. Mineral

TEST:  Force, Energy, and Motion - 2/26; 2/27, 2015.


1. I Science – Read pages 270 – 280. Answer all the questions. Due Date : 2/26; 2/27, 2015.

2. Review 2 - Due Date : 2/23; 2/24, 2015.

3. Vocabulary Activity - Due Date:  3/6/2015.

Vocabulary Activity – Minerals and Rocks

1. Geologist

2. Earth’s Core

3. Outer Core

4. Inner Core

5. Mantle

6. Lower Mantle

7.Upper Mantle

8. Asthenosphere


10. Lithosphere

11. Mohorovic  Discontinuity

12.Continental Crust

13.Oceanic Crust

14. Ocean

15. Mineral

16. Inorganic

17. Crystal

18. Rocks

19. Igneous Rock

20. Extrusive Igneous Rock

21. Intrusive Igneous Rock

22. Sedimentary Rock

23. Clastic Sedimentary Rock

24. Organic Sedimentary Rock

25. Chemical Sedimentary Rock

26. Metamorphic Rock

27. Foliated  Metamorphic Rock

28. Non – foliated Metamorphic Rock

29. Rock Cycle

30. Weathering

31. Plate Boundary

32. Divergent Boundary

33. Convergent Boundary

34. Transform Boundary

35. Subduction Zone






This week in Reading…

This week in Reading we will:

*continue reading “Locomotion” by Jaqueline Woodson, a novel-in-verse

*respond to literature in creative ways


*Book Club Tasks due February 20 (C)

*February Reading Log due 2/26 (B) or 2/27 (G)

*Response 9 due March 6 (C)


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