MATH PRE-AP/GT November 24, 2015

Notes to parents and students:


Topic for next week:

**Quiz on proportion and proportional relationships, and unit rates.

** Understanding percent, and conversions of fractions, decimals and percent.

**New opportunity to improve grade on Unit 2 Common Assessment Test will be on Monday/Tuesday, November 30-December 1, during 3 lunch and Team Time exclusively.  The student MUST complete the analysis of mistakes from the make up.  There is no use to take a make up on the test if the student has not analyzed and clarified questions from the wrong answers.

Homework was assigned on proportions:  Worksheet #23.

6th period completed the homework on Worksheet #23 and must be working on analysis of mistakes, and scaling.  (Ohio map and special design.)


Reading Updates (Nov 23-24)

  • Continue reading this weekend, Reading Logs will be due before you know it! (Blue day- November 30th, Green- December 1st)
  • Pompeii Review Question Packet Due Monday and Tuesday
  • REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW the questions in the packet so you will be prepared for the assessment on Monday/Tuesday. The assessment will cover both the Non-Fiction and Historical Fiction texts!

This Week in Science ! ( November 23, 2015)

We will continue with our lesson on minerals  and rocks.


None ( Complete ALL missing Assignments and read through your lab book)

Have a Restful  Thanksgiving Holiday !


Notes to Parents and Students:

Topic for this week:  Lesson 8.3.  Solving problems with proportions. 

VOCABULARY WORDS WILL NOT BE DUE ON NOVEMBER 19-20.  We will have to wait until the first week in December.

All students MUST BE focusing on the ANALYSIS OF MISTAKES FOR Unit 2 Common Assessment MAKE-UP  test.  The graded test has been  sent back home.  4th and 6th periods will receive theirs tomorrow, Tuesday.

All students scoring less than 80 will take a make-up test on Thursday/Friday, Nov. 19-20, during class time.  All students scoring less than 80% are required to complete  analysis of mistakes previous to taking the make up test.  

Parents, please verify you child is studying for this make up!

It is important to check regularly your child’s grade through GradeSpeed.  Some students are not turning in their assignments and their average is reflecting this fact!

Click on the following link to access a form for:  Analysis of mistakes Unit 2 Common Assessment test

Reading Homework- November 16/17

This week in Reading we will be focusing on comparing Non-Fiction/Informational texts with Historical Fiction short stories; our focus will be on the life in Pompeii.

Pompeii and Vesuvius_Non-Fiction

Blue Day (Monday November 16th) Please read the attached article above and log for your daly minutes

Green Day (Tuesday November 17th) Please read the attached article above and log for your daily minutes

  • Pompeii and Vesuvius
  • Non-fiction
  • Lexile- 680
  • Monitor minutes while reading; add to your running total

We will be reading the short story, The Dog of Pompeii, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Be prepared for a short comprehension quiz following the completion of this story.

This Week in Science !( November 16, 2015)


  1. Structural Layers of the Earth
  • Crust
  • Mantle
  • Core

2. Mineral Identification

  • Hardness
  • Color
  • Streak
  • Luster
  • Fracture/Cleavage
  • Density

3. Types of Rocks –

  • Igneous
  • Metamorphic
  • Sedimentary

The Rock Cycle.


  1. I Science – Read pages 304 – 345 and answer all the questions. Due Date:11/20/15.
  2. Brain pop – Earth, Earth’s Structure, and Mineral Identification. Due Date : 11/23; 11/24, 2015.

Brain pop – Username: hisdpinoakms

                       Password : hisd 

or Username: sears

      Password: school

November 16-20th Reading Updates

Please see the attached calendar for the upcoming week in 6c Reading:

Nov 16-20

We will start working with Non-Fiction and Informational Text to make comparisons with Historical Fiction stories. Attached you will find the notes we will add to our notebooks on Monday (11-16-15) and Tuesday (11-17-15). If you are absent either of those days, please review the notes independently and come see me for a copy when you return.

Informational Text Notes

Parents and students:

  • We have completely finished The Outsiders unit, and are moving on to more content specific tasks. Please be checking Gradespeed frequently to stay updated on your child’s progress… our grades this cycle will more concrete and skills based rather than focused on a whole group novel.
  • Late work will suffer a 20% grade reduction this cycle, and will not be accepted 2 weeks after the due date. Do your best to stay on top of your planner and to-do list so that you are getting your materials in on time!
  • Bringing an independent book and your Reading Log to class is a DAILY REQUIREMENT. Students arriving unprepared will not be able to participate in class activities.

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