This Week in Science ! ( February 15, 2016)


1.Thermal Energy Transfer

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

2. Energy Resources

  • Renewable
  • Non – Renewable


  1. Thermal Energy Transfer ( Conduction, Convection, Radiation) Due Date : 2/15;2/16, 2016.
  2. I Science – Read pages 130 – 157 and answer all the questions. Due Date : 2/18; 2/19, 2016.
  3. Energy Project – Due Date ( IF NOT DONE IN CLASS) : 2/22; 2/23, 2016)

Awesome Reading Book Projects!

The file folder book projects are off to a great start, I am excited to see the rest of the final products! Keep up the awesome work, I am very proud of all of you and your hard work!

-Ms. Hill

Locomotion Book Project- Perfect Examples!

Reading Updates (Feb. 15-19th)

  • To start cycle 5, we will be working on reading and evaluating persuasive articles, letters, and sample texts for the next few weeks. We will begin looking over a few vocabulary words and then dig deeper into the way that authors use certain types of persuasive techniques.
  • Please be expecting some type of vocabulary quiz on Friday, February 19th that covers the terms below… and possibly a few more!
    • comparisonwhen an author compares two things and gives reasons why one is better or worse to support a position
    • causalitywhen an author uses cause and effect to support a position
    • parallelism- when an author uses repetition of ideas, words, or phrases that sound alike to emphasize a point in support of their position
    • exaggerated statement-when an author stretches the truth to make something sound much better or worse than it actually is
    • contradictory statement- when an author says two things that cannot both be true
    • misleading statement-when an author says something that leads you to think something that isn’t true

Africa Quiz 2-12

Study Guide Africa

  1. What was the first European country to take slaves from Africa?
  2. What is commonly paired with a low Per Capita Income?
  3. Why is the literacy rate in Africa commonly lower for women than men?
  4. What causes desertification?
  5. What is subsistence farming?
  6. Why was the Berlin Conference bad for Africa?
  7. Why do most Nigerians live in poverty?
  8. When did European colonization begin?
  9. How long has slavery existed in Africa?
  10. The Atlantic slave trade increased due to what event?
  11. Why are African countries having trouble controlling poaching?
  12. What is Imperialism?

Locomotion Book Project

Today we started a book project on Locomotion and will be working on it for the rest of the week! This project helps students to express their understanding of character traits, setting descriptions, placing key events in order on a plot diagram and creating personal reflections after reading a text.

Projects should be completed in class this week, students will have TWO full class periods to complete this assignment. If a student wishes to take their project home over the weekend to “jazz it up” please note that final projects will be considered late starting on Wednesday of next week; students must use their time wisely in class in order to get extended time over the weekend.

  • Blue day FINAL projects are due Monday, February 15th for full credit (if not completed in class this week)
  • Green day FINAL projects are due Tuesday, February 16th for full credit (if not completed in class this week)

Please see the attached documents for additional copies of the rough draft packet and a started project sample:





This Week in Science ! ( February 8, 2016)


  1. Energy Transformations
  2. Thermal Energy
  •  Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

3.  Energy Resources


  1. Forms of Energy Due Date – 2/10; 2/11, 2016.
  2. Energy Transformations: Due Date – 2/12/2016.    

Due Date for ALL  missing assignments – 2/11/16. CYCLE 4 ENDS 2/12/16.


Reading Reminders- February 8-12

We will be completing Reading Response #7 in class tomorrow, please be sure that you are coming prepared with your text and sticky notes in your book!


Next week:

  • Monday/Tuesday in class project over Locomotion
    • Feel free to bring extra glue sticks, markers, colored paper, craft supplies if you would like to use those on your project!
    • Students will have Monday-Thursday IN CLASS to work on these projects, if they want extended time or would like to take home their projects to add any “finishing touches” they are always more than welcome to!
    • All final projects will be due Monday and Tuesday February 15th and 16th!
  • Wednesday/Thursday complete class projects and review for Locomotion test
  • Friday- Locomotion Test (check back by the end of the day tomorrow for a study guide!)



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