Reading Homework 10/7/15 and 10/8/15

We will be practicing our written responses to questions through the creation of compound and complex sentences. Remember, in order to receive full credit on your Reading Response answers– you must provide these types of sentences! This will be great practice to review The Outsiders and prepare for the Reading Response we will complete in class on Friday, October 9th.

A copy of the notes we reviewed in class as well as the directions are attached in the link below.

Homework October 7-8

All homework is due on Friday, October 9th; late assignments are subject to the 20% deduction in points.

MATH PRE-AP/GT October 1st, 2015

Note to parents and students:


Mrs. Geraci’s tutorials will be on TUESDAYS!

RECIPE PROJECT:  Instructions and rubric was sent home today.   4th and 6th period will receive the instructions, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Quiz on multiplying and dividing fractions on Wednesday/Thursday.

Short Test on multiplying and dividing fractions on Friday.  :-)




This Week in Science ( October 5, 2015)

We will focus on the following topics:

  1. Atomic Structure     
  • Bohr Model
  • Electron Dot Diagram

2. The Periodic Table

  •   Metals, Non –  metals, and Metalloids.


  1. Atomic Basics – Due Date : 10/7; 10/8, 2015
  2. I Science  – Read pages 102 – 107 and answer all the questions. Due Date 10/9, 2015.  

Test – Checkpoint 1 ( Process Skills, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures.) Date – 10/9/15.

Reading- Week Ahead (October 5th-9th)

October 5-9 Reading Snapshot

Please see the attached calendar for next weeks schedule and rough outline.

StudentsPlease be sure that you are reading ONE book and logging those minutes, you will be completing a Reading response (RR #2) on Friday, October 9th. You should already have started to place sticky notes, tabs, etc. in your independent reading book to prepare you for this! 

You will need to know/locate the following pieces of information for RR #2:

  • Title of Text
  • Author
  • Lexile Level
  • Setting description *find a quote to describe the setting, I need to be able to “see” this picture in my head when I am reading your response!
  • Character description *find a quote to describe the main character, I need to be able to “see” this person in my head when I am reading your response!
  • Internal AND external conflict
  • Connection *text to text or text to self, be able to describe this connection in TWO complex or compound sentences
  • Climax

Test World Cultures Friday

Study Guide Climate Landforms and Regions

  • Why are Polar Regions colder than the Tropics?
  • Which climate zone do a majority of the world’s people live in?
  • What is a Delta, Desert, Butte, Isthmus, Culture, Cultural Diffusion, Ethnocentrism, Strait, fjord, Cultural Region, Biome
  • What are clouds made up of?
  • Why does one side of a mountain receive little precipitation?
  • What is climate?
  • What is precipitation?
  • Which area of the Earth receives the most direct sunlight?
  • What is a Mediterranean Region?
  • What happens to temperature as elevation increases?

The Outsiders Chapter 1 Questions–Homework Resource


You may use the link attached to view Chapter 1 of The Outsiders, you may need this to complete your homework for tonight!

Chapter 1 Review Questions:

You will find these in section 2 of your Reading Spiral

Blue day- due Wednesday ,September 30

Green day- due Thursday, October 1

Remember: Your September Reading Logs are due this week, please count and total your minutes!

Common Assessment Grades


If your child scored less than 70 on the First Six Weeks Common Assessment, they need to make test corrections during TEAM Time this week.  This will not only help them with their grade, but it will also help them attain mastery of the concepts.


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