March Book Club

Book Club Book Review click HERE

Cereal Box Project Templates:        

left/right/back cereal box templates  (MS Word file)       Front Template (MS Publisher file)

Click > march book club documents to download everything you need for March Book Club.


This week in Reading…

This week in Reading we will:

*Work on our Cereal Box Book Club Project

*Begin reading “Freak the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick


*”Freak the Mighty” webquest due Tuesday 3/31 (all classes)

*March Reading Log due 3/30 (B) or 3/31 (G)

*Cereal Box Book Club Project due April 6 (B) or April 7 (G)


“Freak the Mighty” Webquest

If you want to type your answers, you can download a Word version of the worksheet here >>> webquest_Freak the Mighty

Click HERE to start the webquest.

MATH PRE AP/GT March 25, 2015

Notes to parents and students:

*TEST on triangles and area of quadrilaterals:  square, rectangle, parallelograms, trapezoid and rhombus.  Volume of rectangular prisms.

*Measures of Central Tendency:  Mean, Median, Mode – Range.

STAAR Tutorials:  Thursdays from 3:35 to 5:30 p.m.

STAAR TEST:  April 21, 2015

Stay focused on learning!  :-)

This Week in Science ( March 30, 2015)


1. Plate Boundaries:

  • Convergent Boundary
  • Divergent Boundary
  • Transform Boundary

2. The Solar System – an overview.


1. Plate tectonics – Due Date : 3/30; 3/31, 2015.

2. I Science page 347.

3. I Science : Read pages 350 – 358, and answer all the questions. Due Date – 4/6; 4/7, 2015.

4. Study for common assessment 5. Review the following topics – Earth’s layers, Minerals, Types of rocks, and the rock cycle. Test Date – 4/1; 4/2, 2015.





*Area of quadrilaterals (parallelogram, trapezoid, rhombus) and area of triangles.

*Writing equations using the volume of a rectangular prism.

HOMEWORK:  All students have received back the MOCK STAAR TEST and the scores.  Please verify your child is working on ANALYSIS OF MISTAKES which will be due on Friday, March 27.

All missing/incomplete work MUST be completed and turned in by Monday/Tuesday, March 23-24.  No work will be accepted after this date.

Friendly reminder:  STAAR tutorials are from 3:35 to 5:30 p.m.  Please be on time.





This Week in Science! ( March 23, 2015)


1. The Rock Cycle

2. Plate tectonics:

  • The theory of plate tectonics
  • Major plates /plate boundaries..
  • Stress/Faults/Folds.


1.Study for common assessment 5( Topics to review: Earth’s Layers, Minerals, Rocks and the Rock Cycle) Test Date – 3/30, 3/31, 2015.

2. The Rock Cycle – Due Date : 4/1; 4/2, 2015.

Scholarship for summer STEM Program for girls – Rice University is hosting ID TECH this summer on campus  for girls.

Apply for a scholarship at This is a one week  free program for  girls ages 7 – 17. You have from now till April 1, 2015. 

I hope you  apply, it looks like a really fun and educational program, also it is offered in Houston area.

Literary Response Essay

Prompt: The main character in fiction often undergo changes in beliefs and behavior. What sort of changes occur in the main character of the book you are reading for book club in your Reading class? In your essay, discuss one change you have seen as well as reason for that change. Use evidence from the book to support your answer.

In your essay you should also use a variety of sentence structures and transitions. Think about some of the work we have done in class to help gather ideas. Use this guide to help you brainstorm ideas and draft your essay.  Turn in your final draft Friday before you leave for Spring Break.

Topic sentence: In the book (title of book) by (author), the character (name of character) changes from (what to what) because of (list three short reasons to be explained in detail in your body paragraphs.)

I. In your opening paragraph you will have your topic sentence plus a brief description of the book. In this description focus on the conflicts the character faces since they will be the focus of the changes you discuss in the body paragraphs.

  1. An incident or conflict faced by the character.
  2. How did this affect character?
  3. Why did this affect character?


  1. An incident or conflict faced by the character.
  2. How did this affect character?
  3. Why did this affect character?


  1. An incident or conflict faced by the character.
  2. How did this affect character?
  3. Why did this affect character?

V. Conclusion. – summarize what you have said about the change in the character caused by the conflict and attempts to resolve the conflict.


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