Reading Reminders- End of the Year!

Happy Wednesday!

As a reminder, all May reading logs are due on Friday, May 13th; students will receive the rubric and directions for their final reading project today and tomorrow. Students will complete this entire project in class but MUST have their May reading logs in order to do so.

Next week all students will take their end of the year assessment for Reading, this will take place on days in which students have reading for an extended period:

  • Monday- 1st and 3rd (short 5th and 7th) 
  • Tuesday- 2nd and 4th (short 6th and 8th)
  • Wednesday- 5th and 7th (short 1st and 3rd) 
  • Thursday- 6th and 8th (short 2nd and 4th)
  • Friday- Charger day, students will see all teachers

All books that have been checked out of my classroom (most of them are labeled C103 or BANCROFT) MUST be returned by Wednesday May 18th. We are missing quite a few from our classroom library and all books need to be counted, boxed and stored before the end of the year. 

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