Cluster Information

Absences and Make-up work

Excuse notes go to the main office.  The day students return to school, they should see the teachers whose classes they missed to get makeup work.  Students are NOT to wait to the following class period to get make-up work.  Students should get missed work the day they return to school even if they do not have that teacher’s class on the day they return.  Parents are welcome to arrange to pick up work for their child when this miss school by contacting the cluster leader, Mr. Meyer.  Work will be ready for pick up by the end of the school day.

Please inform teachers and the main office of any planned absences so we can arrange to gather work before the absence so students do not fall behind.

Late Work

All work turned in past the assigned due date will be subject to a 20% penalty.  Late work will not be accepted after two weeks from the due date.


Use the Parent Conference Request form found on our website to schedule parent conferences.  Conferences will be on Blue Days during 1st period.  Contact Mr. Meyer at to schedule a conference.

Detention Schedule

Detentions are assigned for Level I offenses (classroom misbehavior or disruption, excessive tardiness, misbehavior in the hallways, etc.).  The detention slip must be signed and the student must show up on time or they will not be allowed to attend. Students have one week to serve detention.  Students who do not attend detention will receive an office referral. See the detention slip for specific times.

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