Absence notes should be turned in to the front office. There is a box labeled “Attendance” on the left hand side of front desk. You do not have to bring a note to individual teachers.

Make-up Work

Please realize that we are on a block schedule so we often cover several concepts and a great deal of information in a single class period. If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, we suggest that you tell the teachers for the classes you will miss as we can often give you work so that you do not fall behind.

For extended, unexpected absences, please e-mail your teachers. We will either e-mail you any assignments which can be sent in electronic form or we will put a packet together which can be left in the front office for pick-up (or can be sent home with a friend if you have a classmate who lives near you).

When you return:

  • You are responsible for getting missed work from your teacher. Do not wait for the teacher to approach you. 
  • Being absent the day a long-term task was assigned is not an excuse for it being late. Get your assignments early and make sure that you are keeping up with long-term assignments.
  • Check with all the teachers of the classes you have missed the day you return to make a schedule to make up work. As we are on a block schedule, it is often important that you do not wait until you have the class to make arrangements for missed work. TEAM Time is a good time to do this.
  • Realize that some assignments cannot be made up at home. You may have to make arrangements to complete some assignments or activities during lunch, TEAM Time, or after school.
  • Make a schedule to complete make-up work as well as current class work. We will work with you, but you have a double job to do in order to make up for missed classes.

HISD’s Absence Make-up Policy

HISD’s policy for make-up work says that students have the number of school days they missed, plus one day to complete assignments from excused absences. Understand that this means days, not class periods. For example, if you miss class on Monday and Tuesday, you have three days to complete your work. In this scenario, your work will be due Friday.