History Fair Headquarters

These are a few of the websites, archives, and other online resources that I give the students to help make the research process easier.

National History Day official website
Go to the Contest section, then Conducting research.

National History Day’s archives for research
Scroll down, and on the left there is a link that says Online Primary Sources

HISD Online Resources
If not on campus, you need the user name and password.  Reference your notes for these– I am not allowed to publish them on the blog!

All Handouts from class:

6C History Fair Project– initial handout

6C Topic Selection form

6C Starting Your Research– handout

6C Bibliography info sheet

6C MLA format list for bibliography

6C History Fair grading rubric

6C Turning In Your Final Project

Due Dates:
Topic form- September 14/15, 2015
Final draft of annotated bibliography- November 2,3 2015
Process paper- November 13, 2015 
Final Project with ALL parts- November 30, 2015

Happy researching!

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