Vocabulary to Know!

Attached is a list of vocabulary that you are likely to see on the end of the year tests as well as the STAAR test. Please review as you wish!

High Frequency Test Vocabulary

I will have additional copies of this list in my classroom starting Friday, April 29th. Feel free to stop by and grab one!

Test Taking Tips

Happy Saturday, all!

Attached are a few things that you may find helpful for the upcoming weeks as you sit down and plan your study times as well as tips and tricks to be more successful on multiple choice tests! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Multiple Choice Tests

Study Schedule

Cluster Newsletter and Updates

Please see the attached newsletter for cluster updates for the week of April 25th.

6C Newsletter 4-25-16

Reading Updates- Week of April 25th

For the next two weeks leading up to the STAAR test, we will be doing independent and small group station rotations to give students time to focus on their individual needs. I will also be working with students that attend Team Time tutorials to be sure that we are all prepared and ready for May 10th.

Please review the chart on the attached sheet, of the station options that will be available for selection for the two week STAAR Prep Challenge. We will be going over the procedures and expectations next week, so please hold all questions until we go over them in class!


This Week in Science !(April 25, 2016)


  1. Cells
  2. Classification of Organisms
  3. Overview – Ecosystems


  1. Classification of Organisms. Due Date – 4/27; 4/28, 2016.
  2. Checkpoint 3 Test: Read through your lab book(s), graded papers, textbook. Study !!! Date – 4/29/2016.

Snacks for Starr Testing

Sixth Grade STAAR testing is just around the corner, and we think our kids deserve a treat each day after finishing their hard work!  Please sign up (link below) to donate snacks and to help assemble the snacks into treat bags.  Drop off snacks at the front desk during the week of April 25-29 and make sure to indicate they are for 6th grade STAAR testing. 

When signing up to provide snacks, please bring exactly what is listed, as we have vetted these snacks to ensure that all of our nut-allergy kids can eat them too.  Please direct any questions or comments to D’Andra Shu (dandrashu@gmail.com) or Claire Kugler (ckugler@morganlewis.com).  Thanks for your help!

Here is the link to the Sign-Up Genius:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084ca4a823a02-poms

This Week in Science! ( April 18, 2016)


  1. Types of Cells
  2. Characteristics and organization of living things.


  1. I Science – Read pages 450 – 471, and answer all the questions. Due Date: 4/22/16.
  2. Continue to read through your lab books please !
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